Santa Venera farmhouse
The building and services

The Santa Venera farmhouse is designed to fit well the mountain landscape of the Madonie Natural Park.
Surrounded by the greenery of a wide vineyard and of a large orchard it is the ideal location for a regenerative stay close to the natural world.


A warm furnishing, matching the country character of the building, fills the seven rooms of the Santa Venera farmhouse with an agreable and cosy atmosphere.

All the rooms have private bathroom and a wonderful view of the garden and of the mountains.

photo bedroom of the santa venera farmhouse of palermo photo locker room photo desk room farmhouse photo double bedroom santa venera photo bathroom of the farmhouse santa venera of palermo single room photo


Covered with flowers and fruit trees,a four hectars wide garden encircles the Santa Venera farmhouse, creating a delightful and peaceful atmosphere.
Besides being the ideal place for an agreable walk through the greenery, the garden offers to the guests of the farmhouse the chance to state the fruits of the local agriculture, produced by using no pesticides.

panoramic photo madonie from santa venera farmhouse photos of the park and trees in the garden of the santa venera of palermo fruits of the garden photo photos of the garden and plants around the farmhouse photo of flowers in the park of santa venera photos of the garden around the farmhouse santa venera in the madonie mountains


A relaxing and regenerative bath in the breathtalking panorama of the Madonie mountains.
Perfectly fitting the pleasant atmosphere of the blooming garden, the wide swimming pool is at guests disposal during Spring and Summer time.

panoramic photo of the pool farmhouse of holy worship in the natural park of the madonie pictures of the pool of farmhouse santa venera of palermo pictures of the pool and farmhouse panorama pictures of the pool in the garden night shot of the swimming pool of santa venera pictures of the pool and park