The surroundings of the Farmhouse

Our structure is nestled in the beautiful park of Madonie. The main towns around the Farmhouse are Polizzi Generosa e le Petralie.


An enchanting and hospitable little town, deep in a magic and serene atmosphere.
At Polizzi Generosa, close to di Palermo, life still flows simple and joyful trough authentic values and old traditions, like it did in the ancient Sicily.

photo of polizzi generosa in the surroundings of the farm santa venera in the province of palermo
photo of polizzi generosa in the province of palermo in sicily, in italy
photo of the mountains around polizzi generosa in Madonie in Sicily


A walk trough romantic corners and breathtalking landskapes.
Lying like hidden treasures among the mountains, the small towns of Petralia Soprana and Petralia Sottana will bring you back in the old times. By walking through their charming narrow streets and by tasting their traditional gastronomic specialities, you will discover the most typical and cosy character of the Sicilian hinterland.

photo of petralia sottana of palermo in sicily in italy
photo of a mountains in petralia soprana in sicily
village photo in the apennines petralia skirt of sicily